"The OMERIS network is very much in favour of innovation when it brings real added value to the support of senior citizens. The innovation must also be of an interest to the teams: for example, reducing stress and fatigue and [...] Read more
Sylviane Paravy, Director of Hotel, Restaurant and Purchasing, Omeris Network
"[...] we are working on possibilities, this time in conjunction with digital technology, to keep our seniors in good health. Not only those who are dependent, but also those patients who are a bit fragile: being able to identify them [...] Read more
Doctor Nicolas Homehr President CPTS of South Toulouse
"With Telegrafik, we became interested in the recording of lifestyle habits because the system was at maturity on the market, with an opposable offer and a structure that ensures maintenance and technicality that we were able to verify over time. [...] Read more
Guillaume Gardin Director of Innovation, Research and Development, Aésio Santé
"[...] it is necessary to have a general approach to maintaining health in the home: this involves providing solutions with new technologies to ensure a certain number of constants and to anticipate, with the possibility of detecting weak signals, to [...] Read more
Ladislas de Cours Saint Gervasy Director Operations South, SGMR Les Opalines
"Telegrafik offers connected solutions for making the process of ageing comfortable, whether at home, in an old people's home or in an EHPAD [...] Our job is to inform families or carers if something happens. It is an ethical company [...] Read more
Carole Zisa-Garat, Chair and Founder of Telegrafik.
“83% of elderly people report that they feel more reassured. The loved ones gain peace of mind on a daily basis. […] Mentalities are changing, the younger old people of today will be the old people of tomorrow, and they [...] Read more
Sandrine Taffary, Coordinating nurse, Saint-Louis EHPAD.
“The Otono-me EDAO & EHPAD solution is based on a video monitoring device installed in residents’ rooms. It is the only solution validated by a Hospital Clinical Research Programme: […] The device has allowed a 15% reduction in the incidence [...] Read more
Pr Dantoine, Limoges Teaching Hospital Centre
"In terms of client feedback, I have 95% positive about Otono-me. It's a really good product: I can't tell you anything negative, because I don't have anything negative. No problems! This is a plus for our beneficiaries, and also for [...] Read more
Eric Mohamed, Echo Medical Sales Technician
"The people we received were able to benefit from the device. This approach, which is interesting because of its novelty and attractiveness, allows work on dual tasks and attention, which are essential functions for continuing with daily life activities. We [...] Read more
Serge Allainguillaume, Physiotherapist and Audrey Lesueur, Occupational Therapist, EHPAD La Filandière
“Much more reassuring than conventional emergency call devices, this new generation remote assistance provides day and night protection for elderly people and peace of mind for their families.  This project is part of our association’s core actions: to provide the [...] Read more
Elodie Privat, Director of the “Le Cantou” Association.
"I’m so grateful to the Otono-me service, because thanks to them I was quickly taken care of when I had a stroke. I'm delighted because the sensors were very reactive and it’s thanks to this that I don't have any [...] Read more
Colette, aged 73