Feedback: Sunday Play App tested and approved by the Clerc de Molières nursing home.

Since the beginning of the health crisis, Telegrafik has been supporting healthcare institutions and making its solutions available to them, some of them free of charge. As a result, the Clerc de Molières nursing home in Tarascon has benefited from Sunday Play, an application that allows residents to stay connected with their families by receiving news via photos and videos.


After three weeks of use, the application was very popular with residents, but also with professionals, “…Today our residents and their families can’t do without it”, explains Clémence Battista, from the EHPAD’s activities department.

Sunday Play saves facility staff time, with a single tool for managing messages received from families, and allows them to be a daily comfort for the residents.

In this interview, discover the feedback on Sunday Play within the Clerc de Molières nursing home, delivered by Clémence Battista, an activities leader at the establishment.

How long have you been using the Sunday Play application on tablets?

– We’ve been using Sunday Play on tablets for three weeks now. We received an email from our manager explaining the installation process. Personally, I already knew about Sunday from the TV programme “Qui veut-être mon associé ?” [Who wants to be my partner? – a show similar to Dragon’s Den in the UK]. I already thought the idea was great at the time and when I saw that you were offering the application for free during the COVID-19 crisis, I was thrilled !

What did you think of the process of installing the application on the tablets?

– Here, it was the psychologist who started up and installed the application without any difficulty. It’s fun and it really doesn’t take long. Then I took over. I got the families’ e-mails and the app became a success here! Today our residents are enjoying it! They have fun posing for the photos and setting up for the videos, it’s a real moment of sharing and happiness. For families and residents alike.

After 3 weeks of use, what feedback can you give us?

– It’s true that at first glance, it may seem complex for nursing and hospitals, but these are just preconceptions. It’s really worth it! I let myself get caught up in the story and today our residents and their families can’t live without it! I myself was able to test Sunday Play at home with my partner and it’s great.

Do you have any feedback from the residents’ families?

– Yes: the families were as sceptical as the team at first glance. There’s a questioning phase but until we’ve installed it, we can’t know! You have to set it up, see how it works and then it runs by itself and everyone benefits! It’s really fast and it’s good for everyone.


How have you organised the Sunday app within the establishment? What feedback do you get from your residents?

– Families can send me photos and videos whenever they want, and every weekend I take 15 minutes to go to each resident and show them all the photos and videos they have received, we chat and laugh together. They are really very moved to receive news of their loved ones. Then it’s our turn to send some! So I’m having fun taking pictures of them, and they’re posing, and it’s great.

A quick word to anyone who hasn’t installed it yet?

– I am convinced that this app is effective. I really recommend Sunday as it stands out from other video apps. It’s really bringing something extra. The residents are not caught off guard, they want to show that they are doing well to their families, they take a lot of pleasure in doing this and in receiving the photos and videos. It’s true that during a simple video call, you can’t show pictures of the grandchildren, the pets, whereas with Sunday you can! I really think we’re reaching a wider range of people and that’s great. So yes of course I recommend this app! I would also like to say, above all, that we mustn’t think of it as a short-term idea. Once the virus is gone, the Sunday app will still be useful !


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