Assist caregivers and keep the residents safe

The connected solutions platform for ageing well” – TELEGRAFIK

TELEGRAFIK is your single point of contact for all innovative connected telemonitoring solutions.

Serving the nursing staff and residents.

Manage your establishment in the TELEGRAFIK Extranet. Receive real-time notifications.

Act preventively by detecting deterioration in the health status of residents and signs of illness..

Our top Nursing Care Home solutions

Otono-me EDAO

Keeps the residents safe and automatically alerts caregivers in case of fall or risky situation.

Connected bed

Sends notifications to staff in the event of abnormally long bed leaves.

Temperature sensor

Monitors the temperature in the rooms and sends notifications if the temperature exceeds the permitted threshold.


A fun, motivating and safe exercise machine, suitable for frail or elderly people.

What are the advantages of a TELEGRAFIK Nursing home device?

Innovative tools enabling professionals to provide residents with better support.

Possibility of sending notifications via sick call (DECT, BIP, wall displays, etc.)

Aggregation of other connected objects (geolocation watch, 3D fall detection camera, medical devices…).

Discrete sensors installed in the bedroom

For the care staff to detect behavioural changes.

Telemedicine devices and software.

Interfacing with your patient record software.

What does the complete TELEGRAFIK nursing home system include?

What the TELEGRAFIK platform covers

Detecting situations of risk

Watching over residents at night

Making it safe outside

Report and organise the involvement of professionals

Facilitating access to care and medical follow-up

Helping to identify the onset of illness


Telephone assistance – Home support – Remote monitoring of patients or residents – Medical remote monitoring

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    Press releases-
    17 October 2022

    Press release : Telegrafik technological partner for the implementation of Territorial Resource Centres for Elderly (CRT)

    To date, Telegrafik has equipped 25 territories with its platform of innovative solutions throughout France and assists its clients in setting up the technological component of the CRT.

    7 February 2022

    The OMERIS Network equips its nursing homes with the Auxivia connected glass to monitor the hydration of its residents

    The OMERIS Network (69) offers individualized accompaniment to the elderly and is committed to the search for well-being in France and Switzerland. This group, a player in the medico-social sector, accompanies the elderly in their life in Nursing and care […]

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    19 October 2021

    Feedback: Otono-me – The connected solution for watching over a family member remotely.

      Rosa M. – daughter-in-law of Jacqueline D., protected by the service since April 2019, in the department of Aisne

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