Assist caregivers and secure residents.

Remote monitoring of activity in the nursing home

care room at the service of caregivers and residents

Otono-me EDAO EHPAD :

A tried and tested solution for several years

Otono-me EDAO Nursing home Care secures the residents and automatically alerts caregivers in case of risky situation..

  • Automatic detection in the event of a resident’s fall or abnormal activity.
  • Maintaining independence
  • Decrease in the occurrence of serious falls


Half of all night-time falls are not screened in nursing homes.  The video-monitoring device makes it possible to reduce the rate of serious falls by 47%“.

Prof. Dantoine, the head of the Department of “Prevention of loss of independence of people at home” at the University of Limoges

Daily prevention

In case danger is detected, the Emergency Centre removes doubt. The nursing staff are automatically informed if a situation requires their involvement.

Bedroom activity monitoring portal

Notifications are logged and made available to the health manager and the coordinating physician.

  • Improved post-fall care.
  • Implementation of standardised anti-fall operating procedures.
  • Rapid identification of fall risk factors on a case by case basis.

Otono-me EDAO Nursing Care Home is the only solution for the detection of falls and dangerous situations that has been validated by a Hospital Clinical Research Programme (or HCRP).

Our other nursing homes solutions

  • Otono-me Orme Nursing Care Home: solution based on a depth sensor, notifications automatically sent to caregivers when a fall is detected in a room, day and night.
  • Otono-me Actimétrie Nursing Care Home: solution based on discrete sensors, notifications automatically sent to caregivers when an abnormal activity is detected.
  • Otono-me Home Care: monitor frail people from your institution and support them on a weekly basis.