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Making life safe in the home – TELEGRAFIK

Temperature monitoring in homes

“Preventing the risks of a heatwave” – TELEGRAFIK

Preventing the risks associated with hot weather is a key objective for the healthy ageing of older people.

Our connected solution for automatic temperature reading

> Installation of discrete sensors in areas of your choice:
rooms, communal areas.
> Automatic data collection (T°C and humidity possible), and real time display on your extranet.
> Setting up alerts : “Receive an e-mail if the temperature of a sensor exceeds 27°C”.
> Options: growth curve retrieval, interfacing with your business software for temperature transmission, sick call interfacing for sending notifications to your DECT.
> Useful all year round.
Allows the identification of possible defects.
> Saves time compared to manual changeover.

Temperature sensors

Hard-wired solution

Sigfox Solution

Sigfox Solution

Automatic temperature readings are a great help

Allows monitoring through historical data and preventive actions:

Example of growth curve (T°C increase)

The system sends automatic notifications if the thresholds are exceeded.

Extranet Telegrafik

The aim is to identify the actions to be taken to prevent and limit the health effects of the heat wave, in the event of a national heatwave emergency plan.

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