Press release : Silver Economy – Telegrafik speeds up development and raises 1 million euros for the second time

Telegrafik, a company specialising in artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, announces a second round of funding of 1 million euros. With 25 establishments already fitted with its connected solutions, Telegrafik aims to fit 300 sites within 2 years.

Telegrafik was able to benefit from the renewed confidence of its historical investors (notably Citizen Capital, Aviva Impact Investing France, and the BADGE network), but also from the arrival of new investors, including Vessoa, Philippe Carle, as well as the community committed to the company’s strong societal impact.

Connected solutions with high added value, and proven with Customers

Thanks to this fund raising, Telegrafik is accelerating its development around its three flagship products: Otono-me EHPAD, Otono-me Home and Residences and Otono-me EHPAD at Home.

We already have more than 1,000 care home rooms, and our solutions clearly meet their objectives: to improve the working comfort of staff who are informed at the right time in the event of a fall, and to keep the residents safe. We now wish to expand and equip a large number of establishments, which thanks to us, will better support their vulnerable or elderly residents., explains Carole Zisa-Garat, President of Telegrafik.

Every month, about 250 falls are detected by Telegrafik and sent to professionals, and 83% of the elderly people interviewed agree that they feel much more reassured.

A market with a bright future 

The market in which Telegrafik operates is characterised by significant growth, driven by the ageing population and the increased life expectancy of people with disabilities. This shows that Telegrafik has positioned itself in a market with a promising future.

“Our ambition is to become the leading operator of connected Smart Care solutions in France.”, says the company’s President.

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