Be safe at home without panic button

In Europe, 5,7 million senior are using telecare services in 2015. They are mainly equipped with panic button.

Nevertheless, panic button is not efficient enough to protect completely elderly people living alone at home. The majority of them don’t wear it or can’t press the button when they fall.

That’s why, Telegrafik decided to help elderly people and to reassure families thanks to an innovative telecare service based on discreet sensors installed in the house of the person.


OTONO-ME is an innovative telecare service where the person doesn’t need to wear anything. OTONO-ME has been designed for elderly, weakened or disabled people who could fall or need assistance. 

Once the house is equipped with 5 discreet sensors (4 infrared sensor and 1 open/close sensor), the activity of this person is checked in real time. In case of anomaly, an alert is automatically sent to carers or to an assistance platform, available 24/7. 

The person lives as usual, OTONO-ME watches over.

For who?

– Elderly people living alone at home,
– People affected by Alzheimer’s and other dementias,
– Care residences,
– Families.


How does it work?

  • Installation: Can be easily installed in any kind of house without any internet connection.
  • Plug and play: Once it’s plugged, it works directly and the person equipped is protected.
  • Abnormal activity detected: An alert is automatically sent to the family or to an assistance platform by SMS.
  • Intuitive interfaces: The family can have access to activity data remotely, through smartphone and web apps.




Protected even if you don’t wear your panic button
No camera installed at home


The carers know that they will receive an alert when something abnormal occurs
Data are safe and respected


Plug & play, installation in any kind of housing without needing internet connection or any technician

Smartphone & Web application

An ergonomic smartphone application is available for families so they can check if everything if ok in the house of the elderly person in real time and to be easily reassured.  

The carers also have access to more precise analytics about:
– the activity of the person in the house during the day, the week and the month (number of movement detected per day),
– the activity in the kitchen (time spent in the kitchen to take meals),
– the activity in the bedroom (time spent in the bedroom by night) and,
– the number of time and the time spent outside the house.  

These information are available online in real time as well.

Links to download OTONO-ME smartphone application:
– Play store: ici
– Apple store: ici



Professionals need a tool to manage efficiently their equipped clients with connected services.

That’s why, Telegrafik gives them access to an adjustable interface and adapted to their needs. Accessible from a personalised URL, they have access to:
– the list of equipped clients,
– the state of the installation (activated, installation in progress…),
– the activity data of clients,
– preventive analysis of the equipped person activity.


Download the OTONO-ME brochure thanks to the button below: