Securement. Link. Prevention.

A strong added value to prevent the loss of autonomy of residents

Living at a place equipped with Otono-me allows to secures frail people living on their own a more effective way and reassure their relatives.

  • Maintaining residents’ autonomy and preventing the transition to nursing home: residents are protected even when they are not wearing their pendant call button
  • Innovative offer that enhances security and communication with families
  • Assisting frail people in a timely manner time thanks to 24-hour abnormal activity alerts
  • Automatic vigilance alerts sent in case of weakness
  • Help with managing and running their place

A benevolent vigilance on a daily basis

In the event of an activity anomaly, a professional is informed immediately. He or she contacts the person, makes sure that he or she is okay and dispatches help if necessary.

An online application for relatives

Simple, practical and customizable, it allows you to check that everything is fine.

An extranet for residence professionals

For a better accompaniment of the residents on a daily basis.