Combine sensors and our intelligence
to deliver connected services with high added value

Our business offering: A data analysis and artificial intelligence platform that transforms data from all types of sensors into high added value services. This can then be directly exploited by our customers and their customers in turn through the use of custom applications.

Telegrafik smart data analysis platform

Our technology : powerful – interoperable – global – adaptable

The Telegrafik platform: state-of-the-art algorithms to secure the connection of frail people with their helpers

  • Remote Standby
  • Automatically detects risky situations


The objective : Enable care professionals to access new services for themselves, their subscribers and their community.

Our expertise in data and sensors


The Telegrafik platform processes data from all sources and from all types of sensors


Home Automation/Security/Smartphone


Smoke/Water leakage/Air quality





Service platforms

Human data

Support measure reports


Medical Devices


Telegrafik platform interfaces with partner information systems

Remote assistance platforms

24/7 remote monitoring

Telemedicine platforms


Telemedecine Platforms

Services à la personne


Sensors compatible with the Telegrafik platform

Our expertise in data analysis

  • Collection and storage of heterogeneous data from sensor systems, partners or databases
  • Behavioural modelling, predictive statistics
  • Machine learning modules
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Detection of unusual activity
  • Expert module for sending alerts
  • Collation of information, analyses

Our expertise in interfacing and applications

  • Real-time display of analysed information
  • Applications for the general public / Professional applications
  • Security measures / management of access
  • Interfacing with partner information systems
  • Scalability

Analysis of weak signals to prevent
the loss of autonomy: for more safety

The aim: Predicting falls, upstream detection of a serious problem involving abnormal changes and thus the ability to implement adapted services or support:

  • Extra help for someone who starts to skip breakfast, in order to avoid dehydration/undernourishment
  • Reassessment of medicinal treatment/assessing any possible urinary infection for a person who frequently gets up at night

Telegrafik offers its professional partners the best artificial intelligence and data analysis technologies

Innovation is at the core of Telegrafik’s DNA




Our technological building blocks

Monitoring frail patients

Monitoring daily functional autonomy
(activity, sleep, etc.)

of new sensors

Implementation of a new tool to monitor
the deterioration of people’s health

Our industrial partners and research laboratories

Our projects

SCIOPP: Interoperable connected solutions for the optimisation of professional practices

December 2022 – December 2023

The SCIOPP solution consists of equipping professionals and residents in EHPAD with various types of connected objects (thermometer, blood pressure meter, oximeter, temperature sensor, connected glasses, etc.), all the data collected from which will be analysed and automatically integrated into the computerised user file, via the interoperable Telegrafik software platform.

This solution aims to limit as much as possible the time spent transcribing the various information collected during the day, to make the data collected more usable and, in fact, to increase the time spent with users by the paramedical professionals (nursing assistants and nurses) of the EHPAD.
The aim is to give meaning to the work of carers in EHPAD by automating the collection and transcription of health data.

The project is supported by the Hospitalité Saint Thomas de Villeneuve and Telegrafik, with the support of the Agence du Numérique en Santé (ANS) and the Délégation ministérielle au numérique en santé (DNS).

Care-me: Intelligent coordination platform for the care and support of elderly people at home

March 2021 – December 2023

In a context of strong massification of the ageing of the French population, the consortium led by Telegrafik alongside the e-health and secure chatbots software publisher Bot Design, has obtained the support of the Occitanie Region and European funds.

The project proposes a “gateway” tool that meets the needs of people benefiting from an Ehpad at home system, thanks to the coordination of information relating to the patient, aiming to delay his or her institutionalisation while optimising his or her conditions of “Ageing Well”.

Care-Me introduces additional tools for multidisciplinary homecare and coordination workers. The project uses the data collected through this “gateway” tool to obtain more advanced and predictive algorithms.

Digital Innovation Competition (DIN) – Uses, Interfaces, Algorithms

July 2017 – December 2018

A project, funded by the Investment for the Future Programme (Programme d’Investissements d’Avenir (PIA)), aimed at making Telegrafik the key partner of leading European home care and ageing in terms of their connected services, and positioning itself as the leading intelligent data analysis software at the heart of Smart Care’s high-volume connected services.

The key for Telegrafik: new algorithmic features and new industrial partners, allowing the development of new innovative connected services for security, comfort, social links, e-health or even a better coordination of technologies and human services.

This programme of innovation mobilises, in particular, skills in data science, computer science and project management, but also in design or user ergonomics.

PrEdictive pour Personnes âGées et ASsistancE (3PEGASE) platform: Remote monitoring service for frail people and those being gerontologically monitored.

2015 – 2018

The 3Pegase project is at the cutting edge of the home care, prevention and e-health sectors, and implements a system for preventing the loss of autonomy and for monitoring frail elderly people, based in particular on sensor systems and predictive analysis technologies.

3Pegase works to anticipate recurrent issues in older patients, such as falls or undernourishment.

The work conducted as part of the project makes it possible:

  • to monitor over time the level of activity of a patient based on a sensor system
  • to make an upstream detection of abnormal developments in the characteristic activities of fragility of a deterioration that is too severe
  • to effectively secure a patient who is subject to gerontological monitoring
  • to coordinate resources for a patient:
    via the telemedicine operator
    in relation to the caregivers
    in relation to the remote Emergency Centre
    based on the intelligent remote monitoring (sensors + AI) of the patient

Telepass: Evaluation of the performance of home automation sensors for monitoring fragile patients

2014 – 2015

Project in partnership with LAAS CNRS which has allowed work to be conducted on

  • artificial intelligence algorithms of Telegrafik and LAAS-CNRS
  • to work on the performances and intrinsic characteristics of the home automation sensors used to perform actimetrics.