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Press release: 9 April 2018

An innovative solution that promotes support within the home for vulnerable people, ensuring their complete safety


Sophia Antipolis based company, Allovie, and its partner Telegrafik are launching Allovie Otono-me, which aims to reinforce the autonomy of ageing persons in the home. This new remote assistance solution, based on motion detectors installed in the home, allows for increased safety of vulnerable people who live alone, while also keeping them in touch with their loved ones.

Allovie Otono-me brings together the expertise from two areas: remote assistance and data analysis

Allovie specialises in remote assistance all over France and, for over ten years, has been a supplier of a solution, which includes a watch and a pendant allowing the detection of a variety of dangerous situations at an ageing person’s home, triggering an alarm if needed. The person is put in touch with an operator 24/7 should they suffer a dizzy spell, an accident, a fall, or simply because they need to talk to someone or be reassured.

Telegrafik, on the other hand, is an innovative enterprise that provides online activity monitoring services for families, who have a loved one living at home alone. “Our artificial intelligence can detect the moments when a vulnerable, ageing, or impaired person is in need of additional assistance.“ explains Carole Zisa-Garat, founder of Telegrafik.

Thanks to this new partnership, the  Allovie Otono-me service will be completing the Allovie remote assistance systems range to improve home living conditions, and reassure families.

Allovie and Telegrafik are convinced that remote assistance is a viable alternative, which allows seniors to remain in their home for as long as possible.

Allovie Otono-me service operation

The Allovie Otono-me service is based on discrete detectors, which are installed in the elderly person’s home. These detectors allow the person’s daily routines to be recorded and analysed, which then allows unusual activity to be detected. In this event, alerts are automatically generated at Allovie’s help desk, which operates 24/7. See an illustrated description of the service here

This solution increases the elderly person’s safety because an alert is triggered automatically, without the need for the SOS button to be pressed on the person’s pendant or watch. Allovie Otono-me can also be employed for people who have cognitive difficulties, such as those suffering from Alzheimer’s, who have little or no ability to voluntarily press the SOS button if a problem arises.

For helpers or loved ones, the dedicated Allovie Otono-me app brings a range of information on the elderly person’s pace of life (wake up time, time spent in each room, absence from home, personalised notifications linked to the elderly person’s habits, etc…).

This all-in-1 Allovie Otono-me solution is available now by monthly subscription.

Allovie is a recognised care service provider since 2008, which allows the recipient to benefit from a potential 50% tax credit on their income declaration.


About Allovie

A limited company (SARL) with 60000 € in capital, based at Sophia Antipolis in the maritime Alps, Allovie has made remote assistance its single core activity. Allovie is listed with the departmental General Councils, the principal CLICs (Local Gerontology Information and Coordination Centres) and CCASs (Local Social Welfare Centres) in France. A recipient of the service can be put in touch with the Allovie help desk 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Over 20 operators are in contact with service recipients and their loved ones in the event of a dizzy spell, an accident, a fall, or simply because the person needs to talk or be reassured. With a wealth of experience built over many years in this field, Allovie services 7000 subscribers, testifying to their savoir-faire and competence. Their technicians are a rich resource to draw upon when it comes to resolving any issues relating to the connection or operation of the various remote assistance solutions.

Press contact: Olivier Carlin
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About Telegrafik

At the forefront of the Internet of Things and the Silver Economy, Telegrafik offers a range of online services for supporting vulnerable people in their homes and remote reporting of patients.
Telegrafik has been awarded numerous distinctions since its inception in 2013. It was a laureate in BPI France’s Digital Innovation Competition in 2017.
Following the raising of over a million Euros in funding in January 2017, the company was able to launch a white label remote assistance solution called Otono-me.
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Press contacts: Anne-Cécile André / Déborah Parès
TELEGRAFIK – 06 64 38 49


Press release: 4 December 2017

Funding Conference in the Hauts-de-Seine department chooses Otono-me to protect its seniors


As part of a call for projects, the Funding Conference of the Hauts-de-Seine department has chosen Telegrafik, a company specialising in data analysis for the best home care, to offer 100 elderly people of at least 60 years of age, living alone at their homes in Hauts-de-Seine, to test the Otono-me service for 9 months free of charge.

Combining safety and enrichment of social ties thanks to Otono-me, the next generation telecare service

“This project will allow 100 people and their families to benefit from Otono-me, a much safer service than the classic wearable call buttons. If you are interested in taking part in the project free of charge, please contact us!” says Carole Zisa-Garat, CEO of Telegrafik.

The service will include 24/7 availability of the Securitas Telecare professional monitoring platform, the installation of discrete non-intrusive sensors at home and a mobile app.

“With the app, families can connect from their phone or computer. They see at a glance if all is well with their loved one, and have the opportunity to customise their service, and receive notifications by text message. Thanks to Otono-me, the elderly person can carry on living as normal, he/she is safer and his/her family and friends are reassured,” says Pierre Thos, Project Manager at Telegrafik.

The Hauts-de-Seine Funding Conference supports Otono-me

In the middle of the year, the Funding Conference of the Hauts-de-Seine department launched a call for projects for measures to prevent and reduce loss of autonomy for the elderly. The project proposed by Telegrafik with its partners BNP Paribas and Securitas Telecare has been selected, and its funding will contribute to improving the quality of life of local senior citizens. As part of this initiative, vulnerable people are being asked to participate by testing the service free of charge for 9 months at home.

If you are interested in participating in this project and wish to benefit from this innovative solution free of charge, please contact Anne-Cécile at Telegrafik directly on: +33 05 82 95 50 52 or by sending an email to before 31 January 2018.

The number of places is limited to the first 100 applicants.

About  Telegrafik

Created in 2013, Telegrafik is positioned on the border of the Internet of Things and the Silver Economy. The company has developed a smart software platform for data analysis to offer, among other things, services for home care of vulnerable people and remote monitoring of patients.

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About Securitas Telecare

Specialist in care solutions for isolated people dedicated to companies providing services to individuals, homes for senior citizens or local authorities, Securitas Telecare is a business area of the Securitas Group, expert in integrated security solutions with technology for companies.

 For more information on the services offered by Securitas, please visit:

For more information on telecare services, please visit:

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About the Funding Conference

The Funding Conference is a measure resulting from Law No 2015-1776 of 28 December 2015 relating to adapting society for an ageing population. Its main objective is to coordinate funding for the prevention of loss of autonomy in each French department around a common strategy. Its programme includes, for example, improving access to equipment and individual technical aids, allocating autonomy packages to care homes, or even supporting carers.


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Déborah Parès / +33 05 82 95 50 52

Press release: 24 October 2017

Active Tranquillity, improved home safety for vulnerable people while staying in touch with their loved ones

Securitas and Telegrafik have decided to combine their expertise in the areas of telecare and actimetrics to launch Active Tranquillity, a comprehensive service for vulnerable people living alone at home to stay safe, while keeping in touch with their loved ones.

Active Tranquillity, 24/7 protection for vulnerable people at home

“Active Tranquillity aims to protect elderly people living alone at home more effectively than with an emergency call button alone” says Thibault Urcun, Customer Services Representative for Securitas Telecare, the Securitas Group’s business area specialising in care solutions for isolated people.

Securitas Téléassistance

Securitas is an international player in the field of remote monitoring and the leader in private security in France. With this recognised expertise, Securitas Telecare was created in 2013 to specialise in the protection of isolated people and manage all types of alerts 24/7 (fall, isolation, discomfort, vertigo, anxiety attack, technical malfunction of equipment, etc.) Securitas Telecare has decided to enhance its service offering for the elderly by partnering with Telegrafik, the expert in the detection of anomalies in an elderly person’s activity. Thus the Securitas Active Tranquillity service was born.


The elderly person’s loved ones can also download a smartphone app:

Family and friends can quickly make sure that all is well and set up personalised notifications to detect when their loved one needs more support. Active Tranquillity already gives almost 300 people peace of mind on a daily basis, and I am delighted that we are now making this service available throughout France in partnership with Securitas Telecare,” says Carole Zisa-Garat, Founder of Telegrafik.

In Europe, nearly 30 million people over the age of 65 live alone: it is in this context that since 2013, Telegrafik has been working to offer safe solutions, based on the latest Internet technologies available.


About  Telegrafik

On the border of the Internet of Things and the Silver Economy, Telegrafik offers connected services for the care of vulnerable people at home and remote monitoring of patients. The start-up has received numerous awards and was the winner of BPI France’s Digital Innovation Competition in 2017.

Having raised more than one million euros in January 2017, it launched a white label telecare service, Otono-me.

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Press contacts: Anne-Cécile André / Déborah Parès

TELEGRAFIK – +33 6 64 38 49


About Securitas Telecare

Specialist in care solutions for isolated people dedicated to companies providing services to individuals, retirement homes or local authorities, Securitas Telecare is a business area of the Securitas Group, expert in integrated security solutions with technology for companies.

For more information on the services offered by Securitas, please visit:

For more information on telecare services, please visit:

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Press contact: Cindy Maria

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Press release: 6 October 2017

Filien Habitat Active, the best service for autonomy at home and carers

On National Carers Day, Telegrafik and Filien ADMR are launching Filien Habitat Active, a comprehensive service of vigilant care to assist carers and their frail, elderly or disabled loved ones, bringing together home automation, business data management at home and telecare.

Filien Habitat Active, support at home and peace of mind for carers

Today is National Carers Day. There are about 11 million people in France who, on a daily basis, support a vulnerable loved one. The new Filien Habitat Active service aims to offer them peace of mind every day. Thanks to the smartphone app, they can stay in touch with their loved one, and make sure that all is well,” says Carole Zisa-Garat, Founder of Telegrafik.

The Filien Habitat Active service combines intelligent processing of sensor data with Telegrafik and Filien ADMR telecare.

This is not merely an assembly of services, but a comprehensive approach focused on the well-being of vulnerable people living alone at home and the quality of life of those around them,” explains Hervé Meunier, Managing Director of Filien ADMR.

Every carer has peace of mind, thanks to useful information provided by the service, and the ability to personalise their notifications.

With Filien Habitat Active, we give these people the chance to breathe a little, to take time for themselves”, adds Hervé Meunier.


About  Telegrafik

Created in 2013, Telegrafik is positioned on the border of the Internet of Things and the Silver Economy. The company, winner of numerous awards and recognitions, has developed a smart software platform for data analysis to offer services for home care of vulnerable people and remote monitoring of patients.

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TELEGRAFIK – Anne-Cécile André / Déborah Parès  / +33 6 64 38 49 71


About Filien ADMR

In 1988, to ensure that its range of services dedicated to home care complemented each other, ADMR (the first French local association network) created its own telecare service: Filien ADMR. Filien ADMR is intended for private individuals and health professionals: accommodation for the elderly, facilities for people with disabilities, nursing homes for people requiring highly dependent care, etc.

Today, it is one of France’s major players in the area of telecare, promoting completely safe and substantial home care. In 2016, Filien ADMR received the NF Service certification “telecare at home”, a real guarantee of quality and trust for those who subscribe to this service and their families and friends.

Filien ADMR key figures:

  • 29 years of experience, 84 employees, 2016 turnover: € 9M
  • 150,000 people equipped since the start of its operations throughout France
  • 780,000 calls handled in 2016, of which 10% required the intervention of a third party

For more information, please visit:

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Press release: 30th Jan. 2017

Telegrafik speeds up its growth, raises 1 million Euros

The startup will focus on expanding sales of its innovative solutions that help the elderly keep living safely in their homes.

Telegrafik, a French Artificial Intelligence and Big Data startup based in Toulouse, just raised 1 million Euros to expand sales of Otono-me, an innovative telecare service.

The €1m deal was led by the societally sensitive funds Citizen Capital, Aviva Impact Investing France (managed by “le Comptoir de l’Innovation”), the financing cooperative “Initiatives pour une Economie Solidaire”, as well as the “Business Angels des Grandes Écoles” network, the Financière de Blacailloux family office, individual Business Angels and BPI France Financement.


The goal: addressing the ageing population in developed countries

In 2015, Telegrafik launched Otono-me, a service that revolutionizes the telecare industry.

« Until now, solutions to protect the elderly in their homes were limited to emergency call buttons. We can now offer new solutions to provide increased security for the elderly. We are using the latest technologies to better protect the elderly, while reassuring their close relatives. », explains Telegrafik’s CEO, Carole Zisa-Garat.

How does Otono-me work?

Connected sensors are strategically located in the elderly’s home. If the elderly’s activity is abnormal, a 24/7 hotline is automatically notified. The hotline will then contact the elderly to assess the problem, and dispatch an emergency team if needed. A smartphone app also enables close relatives to discreetly check in: this allows them to make sure everything is alright, without intruding.

Otono-me widens the ageing and telecare industries offers.

At the core of Otono-me is Telegrafik’s artificial intelligence. Sensors’ data are collected and analyzed in real-time by the AI algorithms.


Telegrafik speeds up its growth, sets ambitious goals

Telegrafik team wants its offerings to be distributed widely by 2020. They will also keep designing new solutions to help the elderly and their caregivers, both family and professionals, and to address the e-health and care markets.

Telegrafik’s people are passionate about new technologies, and work hand in hand with a large network of experts and partners. Telegrafik plans to double its headcount in the next coming 2 years.


About Telegrafik

Telegrafik was founded in 2013. The startup aims to bring the Internet of Things to the Silver Economy. Having won numerous prizes and awards, the company has developed its own smart data analysis software dedicated to telecare and e-health services.


Twitter feed:

Carole Zisa-Garat’s Linkedin page :


About Aviva Impact Investing France

With funds from insurance company Aviva France and managed in collaboration with Comptoir de l’Innovation, Aviva Impact Investing France manages a €30m fund dedicated to financing startups with a social and environmental impact. Its investment horizon is 5 to 7 years, in a variety of sectors. Aviva Impact Investing France has already invested in the scaling of 20 social startups, at the takeoff stage.

Aviva France:

Comptoir de l’Innovation:


About BPI France Financement

BPI France Financement supports companies under 8 years of existence, after the seed funding stage, by strengthening their cash position and supporting their development and growth through additional financing, in the form of a growth loan.


About Business Angels des Grandes Ecoles

Association of entrepreneurs and mentors for innovative projects. Their two keywords: mentoring and financing.


About Citizen Capital

Started in 2008, Citizen Capital is an investment fund that pioneered impact investing in France. They finance and work hand in hand with ambitious entrepreneurs who take up our society’s challenges. Citizen Capital manages €65m, €43m of which through its Citizen Capital II fund, launched in 2015. Citizen Capital invests in fast growing companies who address social and environmental needs for our society.


About Financière de Blacailloux

This family office was created with deep core values: the strength to take action, an independent spirit, team work and the French culture. These core values, together with the personality and vision of entrepreneurs, are the foundation of Financière de Blacailloux’s investment philosophy.


About Initiative pour une Economie Solidaire

IéS is a cooperative community-oriented enterprise that has been financing and mentoring companies from the Occitanie Pyrénées-Méditerranée region in France for the last 18 years, thanks to citizen’s savings. IéS invests in companies who create jobs and galvanize the region, with a focus on societal concerns.


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