Is a loved one losing their independence



With Otono-me, you can look out for your loved ones wherever you are

Smart Care connected solutions

Telegrafik’s intelligent software platform provides activity monitoring and alerting services based on data from sensors located in homes or residences.

Telegrafik platform design

Intelligent connected solutions for everyone

Every day, you provide a professional service to families, people receiving support, subscribers, residents and policyholders.

We design and operate connected services to enable you to provide them with solutions on a daily basis.

Best-in-class business expertise

Remote assistance – Home support – Remote monitoring of patients

Are you a company that provides remote assistance?

  • Broaden your range with the Otono-me solution
  • We offer you tailor-made solutions for people to whom you provide support
  • People with neuro-degenerative disorders
  • People with memory impairment
  • People for whom a call button is not suitable
  • We can help you reassure caregivers
  • We can offer you customised solutions:
  • Night monitoring solution
  • Residential solution
  • Ehpad night monitoring solution

Are you a company that provides personal services?

  • The Otono-me solution allows you to provide families with a complementary offer to your services
  • It also allows caregivers to assess the personal needs of their loved one, such as help getting up, help going to bed, carrying meals, for example.
  • We enable people in need of support to stay in their own homes for longer

Are you a mutual or an insurance company?

  • We enable you to offer connected services to your customers
  • We support you in setting up tailor-made connected offers adapted to your customers: remote assistance, smart home, remote monitoring, Smart Care, etc.
  • Speed up the process by taking advantage of our ecosystem of industrial partners, our “off-the-shelf” software platform and our project expertise.
  • We will help you analyse your customer data

Are you a professional working more generally in the home care or home support sector?

  • We will help you to better support your clients and those in need of support as well as their families

Our data analysis expertise

Detection of anomaly

Smart alert sending module

Restitution of information, analysis

Collection and storage of data

Behavioural Patterns

Real-time monitoring of activity

Otono-me: our innovative, white label remote assistance solution

Otono-me® is an innovative remote assistance service that increases the safety of people at home by complementing traditional remote assistance services.

Discreet sensors are placed in the person’s home. The person continues life as normal, while Otono-me keeps an eye on them.

In the event that any unusual activity takes place, an alert is automatically sent to a 24/7 help desk.

Relatives and caregivers also have access to an application that they can consult at any time in order to be quickly reassured that everything is going well with their loved one.

Try Otono-me Mobile App and Web App

Intuitive and design, families can check if everything is ok in the house of their elderly close family member.

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