Help the elderly to remain independent

Thanks to state-of-the-art algorithms

Smart Care connected solutions operator

Maintaining independence and health


With Otono-me, it has never been easier to remotely monitor a loved one


High added value to prevent residents from losing their independance

Otono-me Nursing Homes solution

Assist caregivers and secure the residents

Otono-me Nursing Homes at home solution

Enhanced home support system

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Intelligent connected solutions for everyone

Every day, you provide a professional service to families, people receiving support, subscribers, residents and policyholders.

We design and operate connected services to enable you to provide them with solutions on a daily basis.


Smart Care connected solutions

Telegrafik’s intelligent software platform provides activity monitoring and alerting services
based on data from sensors located in homes or residences.

Our expertise in data analysis

Detection of abnormal activity

Intelligent alert sending module

Information reporting, analyses

Data collection and storage

Behavioural analysis

Real-time activity monitoring

Otono-me: our innovative, white label remote assistance solution

Otono-me® is an innovative remote assistance service that increases the safety of people at home by complementing traditional remote assistance services.

Discreet sensors are placed in the person’s home. The person continues life as normal, while Otono-me keeps an eye on them.

In the event that any unusual activity takes place, an alert is automatically sent to a 24/7 help desk.

Relatives and caregivers also have access to an application that they can consult at any time in order to be quickly reassured that everything is going well with their loved one.

Try Otono-me Mobile App and Web App


Intuitive and design, families can check if everything is ok in the house of their elderly close family member.

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    Our latest customer stories

    28 August 2020
    [#CUSTOMERSTORY] “[…] with KINE-SIM, we have noticed that the physiotherapists are very enthusiastic and offer it almost systematically to the residents concerned. Those who have benefited from it are all satisfied.
    KINE-SIM is complementary to what the physiotherapists already do: it improves patients’ balance and their proprioceptive sensitivity.”

    10 July 2020
    [#CUSTOMERSTORY] “[…] I was looking to find solutions for dependent and vulnerable people, […] so I carried out a technology watch at European level, we tested many solutions and met with various actors. Telegrafik’s artificial intelligence was the most revolutionary.”

    8 July 2020
    [#CUSTOMERSTORY] “The system really makes people and their families feel secure, and they are very happy with the remote monitoring set-up. They know that if there’s a problem, someone will be there and the situation will be handled.”

    20 June 2020
    [#CUSTOMERSTORY] “For one gentleman I met, it was a weight off his mind because he could see his mother leaving her home on the app and as she underwent cognitive changes, he could make sure that she returned home safely, that she didn’t get into trouble.”

    25 May 2020
    [#CUSTOMERSTORY] “[…] systems like yours help people avoid having to go into retirement homes! We live in the same village, we can see what’s going on at her house on our phones, and if we have any concerns we can come and see what’s going on immediately.”

    22 April 2020
    [#CUSTOMERSTORY] “She feels much safer during the night, she’s thrilled, and we can see she’s in her bed on the extranet, it’s great.”

    4 March 2020
    [#CUSTOMERSTORY] “I’m thrilled with the service and especially with the mobile app that changed my life. My 92-year-old mother no longer has the reflexes to press her call button so she doesn’t wear it any more. I can be on hand to help and thanks to your service, I can delay my mother having to go into a retirement home if she doesn’t want to.”

    27 February 2020
    [#CUSTOMERSTORY] “I wanted to thank you for the quality of your service. My mum stayed at home until the end thanks to OTONO-ME.”