The leading platform for smart home care connected services

Telegrafik platform transforms home sensors’ data into added value services, such as smart alerting and smart monitoring.

Telegrafik platform design

Connected objects and Internet of Things : opportunities for the care industry

You are a Telecare Company

  • Secure eldery people without wearing anything
  • Offer a new value-added services for helpers
  • Offer a secure solution for those affected by Alzheimer’s and other dementias
  • Complement panic button systems
  • Reassure helpers in real time thanks to our mobile and web app
  • Use latest cutting-edge innovation

You are a Care Company

  • Understand your customer better to adapt care activities
  • Keep a watchfull eye on your customer
  • Diversify your business with a new value-added service
  • Offer a new service for family members
  • Digitalise your care services with our mobile and web app
  • Improve customers’ safety

You are an Insurance Company

  • Better monitoring means lower risks
  • Understand your customer better to adapt your offer
  • Digitalise your care services with our mobile and web app
  • Secure more eledery people
  • Innovation is tomorrow’s business
  • Offer a new value-added service

Our expertise

Detection of anomaly

Smart alert sending module

Restitution of information, analysis

Collection and storage of data

Behavioural Patterns

Real-time monitoring of activity

Use case of Telegrafik platform: OTONO-ME, innovative telecare service

OTONO-ME® is a telecare service to secure elderly people at home: 5 passive infrared and open door sensors are placed in their house.

Thanks to Telegrafik artificial intelligence, the connected service watches over, and sends alerts to telecare platforms if needed.

The carers have access to a smartphone application so they can remotely check if the activity of the elderly person is normal.

Telegrafik solutions are distributed by telecare and health insurance companies.

Logo complet OTONO-ME, le service de teleassistance innovante

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Intuitive and design, families can check if everything is ok in the house of their elderly close family member.

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