Preventing loss of independence and maintaining health

Providing security to beneficiaries

Notifying and supporting professionals and carers

Strengthening social bonds and coordination

For home care

For residences and nursing homes

For communities

For Manufacturers

  • Multi languages and time zones
  • Saving time and money, pooling, prioritizing resources

“The connected solutions platform for ageing well” – TELEGRAFIK

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The loss of independence of senior citizens and the ageing of the population are the major challenges which Telegrafik are tackling.

By offering you tailor-made expertise and the best in positive impact solutions.

Our innovation expertise

Telegrafik operates connected services for ageing well, throughout France for its customers (groups of EHPAD, teleassistance companies, senior residences, operators of homecare solutions, etc.), using advanced algorithms and communicative sensors.

The company provides security for frail people by working with their carers and caregivers, improves the working comfort of ageing professionals and helps prevent loss of independence.


Our technology

Recognised software technology: the Telegrafik data analysis platform for storing health data uses advanced machine learning algorithms, real-time anomaly detection, weak signal detection, supervision of connected object fleets, automatic alerts and monitoring services.

Industrialists, equipment manufacturers, integrators: our APIs allow you to connect your solutions with Telegrafik intelligence. Do you want to join our IoT ecosystem?

Teleassistive company, Mutual insurance company, Insurer, Telephone operator, contact us to distribute our solutions or to co-construct with us your innovative solution for Aging Well.


Remote assistance – Home support – Remote monitoring of patients or residents – Medical remote monitoring

Our data and sensor expertise

> The Telegrafik platform processes data from all types of sources and sensors

Home automation – Smartphone security

Movement – Door – Smoke – Temperature – Water leakage – Air quality – Sockets – Lighting – Light

Service platforms

Human data – Maintenance reports

Medical devices

Medical teleconsultation – Medical sensors

Telegrafik platform with partner information systems

Telecare Platforms
24/7 telesurveillance
Telemedicine platforms

Professional software

Personal services
Health care

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    already equipped sites


    installations already carried out


    Seniors forget the sensors installed in their homes


    AgeingWell , CRT-
    26 June 2024

    ICOPE by Telegrafik now available for everyone

    The ICOPE (Integrated Care for Older People) tool was developed by the World Health Organization (WHO) to improve the monitoring and management of the health of the elderly. Designed to detect and prevent loss of autonomy in seniors, ICOPE offers [...]
    Press releases-
    26 October 2023

    Press release : Telegrafik technological partner for the implementation of Territorial Resource Centres for Elderly (CRT)

    To date, Telegrafik has equipped 25 territories with its platform of innovative solutions throughout France and assists its clients in setting up the technological component of the CRT.

    AgeingWell , CRT-
    30 November 2022

    200 sites equipped with Telegrafik technological solutions, what does this concretely bring to care and support professionals?

    Just over a year ago, we were pleased to reach the symbolic figure of 100 sites equipped with Telegrafik solutions. Today, the number has doubled. In concrete terms, this means around 1,000 falls detected each month, 80,000 alerts sent each [...]

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