To monitor the hydration of its residents.

“The OMERIS network is very much in favour of innovation when it brings real added value to the support of senior citizens. The innovation must also be of an interest to the teams: for example, reducing stress and fatigue and helping caregivers provide better support to seniors. We are very attentive to the innovations that arrive on the Silver Economy market. We carry out a lot of tests in pilot nursing homes and at home. The OMERIS Network has chosen to equip itself with the Auxivia connected glass because it has a real added value for the care of seniors in residence.”

The OMERIS Network equips its nursing homes with the Auxivia connected glass to monitor the hydration of its residents

The OMERIS Network (69) offers individualized accompaniment to the elderly and is committed to the search for well-being in France and Switzerland. This group, a player in the medico-social sector, accompanies the elderly in their life in Nursing and care homes, helps, advises and accompanies seniors at home.

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Feedback: Otono-me – The connected solution for watching over a family member remotely.

At Telegrafik, we are committed to bringing real added value to care for elderly and vulnerable people by guaranteeing safety for them and peace of mind for their families on a daily basis. In several French departments (mainland and overseas), we are deploying projects aimed at making our solutions available to senior citizens free of charge on a trial basis for several months, in order to make our services accessible to as many people as possible. It is against this background that Rosa M. chose to protect her mother-in-law with Otono-me and told us about her experience as a caregiver.


Rosa M. – daughter-in-law of Jacqueline D., protected by the service since April 2019, in the department of Aisne

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dispositif d’accompagnement renforcé à domicile - Personnes âgées heureuses


As the majority of French people age, they want to remain in their own homes for as long as possible. It would be ideal to be able to benefit at home from services equivalent to those offered in a nursing home. AÉSIOSanté and other FNMF (Fédération Nationale de la Mutualité Française) mutualist players are developing a reinforced home support system. At AESIO SANTÉ, this device is called DAPHNÉ. Its objective is to offer an alternative to the EHPAD by bringing security, comfort, well-being, care, accompaniment… to the homes of people wishing to remain at home. What exactly is it about? What is at stake? What role does technology play?



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Helping people with Alzheimer’s to stay at home

Maintenir à domicile les personnes souffrant d'alzheimerrEnabling people with Alzheimer’s disease to continue living in their own homes is a real challenge, particularly in the face of the issues that accompany this disease.

60% of people with Alzheimer’s live at home: for relatives, this is a major source of anxiety, hence the need for reassurance.
In the early stages of the disease, relatives are very involved, and their support helps to slow down the disease’s progression and optimises care.



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To keep our seniors healthy.

“[…] we are working on possibilities, this time in conjunction with digital technology, to keep our seniors in good health. Not only those who are dependent, but also those patients who are a bit fragile: being able to identify them at that moment. We need to be innovative with this large population, and as we have strong expertise in terms of both doctors and nurses, […] we also need to equip ourselves with tools and solutions such as those of Telegrafik, to optimize monitoring.

Agile, expert, with solid references.

“With Telegrafik, we became interested in the recording of lifestyle habits because the system was at maturity on the market, with an opposable offer and a structure that ensures maintenance and technicality that we were able to verify over time. […] Telegrafik seemed to us to be agile, expert, with solid references since they had also worked with IMA (InterMutuelle Assistance). They have technical and scientific profiles that we feel are perfectly suited to us and they have the ability to work with professional teams, which to date corresponds to our needs.

Artificial intelligence to detect the fragilities.

“[…] it is necessary to have a general approach to maintaining health in the home: this involves providing solutions with new technologies to ensure a certain number of constants and to anticipate, with the possibility of detecting weak signals, to alert us, as Telegrafik proposes with its Artificial Intelligence to detect fragilities.

So there is this important prevention aspect, and it’s true that the Ehpador Nursing Home is also a living place, it’s not necessarily because we enter the Ehpad that we stay there definitively […]