With Otono-me, it has never been easier
to remotely monitor a loved one

How does Otono-me work?

Are you caring for an elderly or vulnerable family member?

Thanks to Otono-me, you can watch over your loved one wherever you are.

Discreet sensors are installed in the person’s home. The person is neither filmed nor listened in on and personal privacy is preserved.
The service is installed in any type of housing without requiring an internet connection or telephone subscription.

Otono-me watches over your loved one and reacts whenever they are in danger. An alert is sent automatically.
The emergency centre option allows you to rely on professionals being available to your loved one 24/7.

Finally, Otono-me app lets familly check at a glance that all is well with your loved one.

For whom?

  • Elderly or disabled people living alone at home,
  • People with Alzheimer’s disease,
  • Families.

Otono-me automatically detects
when an abnormal situation occurs

Colette has spent too long
in her bathroom. 

Maybe there’s a problem.


John, at the emergency centre,
is informed immediatelly.
He contacts your relative.

If John gets no response,
he contacts the family
and/or the neighbours. 

Somebody nearby
makes a visit. 

Advantages of the solution

The person is neither filmed
nor listened in on
and personal privacy is preserved.

An alert is automatically sent
in case of a problem.

Service installed without
requiring an internet connection
or telephone subscription.

An online app for the relatives

Simple, practical and customisable, it allows you to check that everything is ok.


“Mum has just returned to a retirement home: thanks to the service, she was able to stay at home for an extra 18 months, so that was invaluable.”

Marianne, 59, daughter of Paulette

Thanks to the Otono-me app, I know if there has been any movement at my mother’s house and that I will be notified quickly if anything has happened.”

Hélène, daughter of Pierrette, has been using the service for a year and a half