Assist caregivers and secure residents.

Remote monitoring of activity in the nursing home

care room at the service of caregivers and residents


Otono-me EDAO Nursing home Care secures the residents and automatically alerts caregivers in case of risky situation..

  • Automatic detection in the event of a resident’s fall or abnormal activity.
  • Maintaining independence
  • Decrease in the occurrence of serious falls


Half of all night-time falls are not screened in nursing homes.  The video-monitoring device makes it possible to reduce the rate of serious falls by 47%“.

Prof. Dantoine, the head of the Department of “Prevention of loss of independence of people at home” at the University of Limoges

3D sensors, radar, or fish-eye

Bedroom activity monitoring portal

Notifications are logged and made available to the health manager and the coordinating physician.

  • Improved post-fall care.
  • Implementation of standardised anti-fall operating procedures.
  • Rapid identification of fall risk factors on a case by case basis.