ELAN law: Telegrafik and Vivalib announce their partnership

The ELAN Law (On the scalability of housing, development and digital technology) establishes the need for scalability and digital technology

Telegrafik and Vivalib combine their expertise to provide a package of services to meet these challenges and announce their partnership


This package of services allows living spaces designers and administrators to define how they wish to change their programmes on the one hand and supports them in the implementation of these developments on the other.

Scalable housing

The support offered by the two companies makes it possible to comply with the new accessibility standards required by law: 100% of new homes must be scalable, that is to say, largely accessible and with the potential to be made fully accessible by simple alteration to respond to disability, but also loss of autonomy or ageing.

And a digital approach to benefit residents

Thanks to the Telegrafik platform, this is an integrative access point for the digital applications of residents, flats, buildings and services offered there.

The added value of the Telegrafik approach is the communication between these different entities, as well as allowing for scalable services in the future, supporting the needs of the resident over time.


“In practice, our platform retrieves data from residents by home automation systems or animation software within the residence: they are then gathered in a single portal, allowing the administrator to oversee life within a residence, receive alerts or recommendations, and ultimately improve the quality of life of for residents and its operations,” says Carole Zisa-Garat, Telegrafik CEO.


For comprehensive support, from building design to operation:

For support to be provided in an ethical and responsible way, and while technology is becoming more and more important, Muriel Dunoyer, President of VIVALIB, wants to ensure that the focus is on meeting the real needs and expectations of the elderly beneficiaries:


“At all times, equipment/products/solutions must serve the legitimate aspiration to maintain meaningful activities, maintain decision-making autonomy, maintain a person’s sense of their own value, and explore real life projects based on places that are meaningful and evolving, where digital technology plays its full role as a societal integrator. For VIVALIB as for its partners, respecting this stance is a prerequisite.” 


It is in this way that multiple projects already combining scalability and digital technology have been developed: intergenerational residences with a services ecosystem and neighbourhood concierge services, scalable and connected senior residences, energy restructuring with conversion of buildings or offices into scalable housing, creation of e-health connected residences supporting the sustainable autonomy a department’s seniors, integration of a Silver Economy smart-grid ready dimension in the


The market is crowded with various start-ups, manufacturers or service providers.

How do you know what to choose?

This is the purpose of this new offer: to help residential designers to combine, in a reasoned and financially accessible way, what can be useful for their strategic and qualitative positioning, by mobilising and combining the most appropriate for the sustainable service of regions, housing industry players and elderly beneficiaries.


For more information about Vivalib, please visit: www.vivalib.com

Press contact: Muriel Dunoyer

VIVALIB – +33 (0)6 20 96 05 40 – contact@vivalib.com


For more information about Telegrafik, please visit: www.telegrafik.fr

Press contacts: Anne-Cécile André / Déborah Parès

TELEGRAFIK – +33 (0)6 64 38 49 71-contact@telegrafik.eu

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