Funding Conference in the Ariège department chooses local players to protect its seniors

As part of a call for projects, the Funding Conference of the Ariège department has chosen Occitania-based company Telegrafik and its innovative teleassistance service, Otono-me. The goal? To offer 30 elderly people aged 60 and over, living alone at their homes in Ariège, to test the Otono-me service for 8 months free of charge. 

The association of local experts for preventing loss of autonomy and promoting home care in Occitania

The service will be offered in collaboration with “Le Cantou”, an association offering services to individuals based in Tarascon sur Ariège. Much more reassuring than conventional emergency call devices, this new generation teleassistance provides day and night protection for the elderly and peace of mind for their families.

“The service is for families with a loved one who is losing their independence. This family member lives at home as usual, they are safe, and their relatives are reassured. If one day they encounter a problem, an alert is sent automatically. And if the family worries because their loved one does not answer the phone, they can simply log in to their smartphone app and find out if everything is alright,” says Pierre Thos, project manager at Telegrafik. Our ambition? To enable older people to live safely at home for longer and give them delay going into a nursing home.

The Ariège Funding Conference supports local project, Otono-me

At the end of 2017, the Funding Conference of the Ariège department launched a call for projects for measures to prevent and reduce loss of autonomy for the elderly. This subsidised project will contribute to improving the quality of life for senior citizens in the area. As part of this initiative, vulnerable people are being asked to participate by testing the service free of charge for 8 months at home.

“This project is part of our association’s core actions: to provide the necessary support for the elderly in our region to develop with them a project to improve their everyday lives and commit to working with respect for their lifestyles of those of their families. says Elodie Privat, director of the “Le Cantou” association.

If you are interested in participating in this project and wish to benefit from this innovative solution free of charge, please contact Anne-Cécile at Telegrafik directly on: +33 05 82 95 50 52 or by sending an email to

Availability is limited to the first 30 applicants.

About “Le Cantou”

The association, governed by the 1901 Law, is a non-profit organisation and was established in 1981 in Tarascon sur Ariège to help an ageing population and provide jobs for young women in Haute Ariège. Today, the home help association “Le Cantou” has around thirty employees serving 140 families in the Canton of Tarascon and the surrounding area. It offers two services: a service providing home help and personal assistance as well as a proxy service called Better Living.

The purpose of this structure is to provide the necessary assistance for the elderly (help, support) to develop with them a project to improve their everyday lives.

The association “Le Cantou” is committed to working with respect for people regardless of their age, health or disability and respecting their lifestyles and those of their families.


About the Funding Conference

The Funding Conference is a measure resulting from Law No 2015-1776 of 28 December 2015 relating to adapting society for an ageing population. As an institutional coordinating body, the departmental Funding Conference aims to define a coordinated programme for financing individual and collective actions to prevent loss of autonomy, in addition to legal or regulatory benefits. It brings together the sector’s key players around shared actions and strategies in order to create clearer and more coherent answers for the elderly and focuses in particular on:

– Assignment of an autonomy package granted by a multi-year contract of objectives and means (CPOM) by the departmental council to assisted living communities (new denomination of sheltered housing);

– Coordination and endorsement of preventative actions implemented by home care and support services (SAAD) and multifunction home care and support services (SPASAD);

– Support for family carers;

– Development of other individual or collective preventative actions.

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