Homecare made easier by new Internet-based contact platforms

The current situation in France is increasingly conducive to the development of home care. Between the shift to ambulatory care initiated by the Ministry of Health and the reduction in the average length of a stay in hospital, the role of the liberal professions, particularly nursing, has become paramount.

Despite the development of this post-hospitalisation activity, 12% of hospital emergencies are due to a lack of home care… even though 350,000 health professionals (excluding doctors) in France practice in the home!

At the end of a hospital stay or medical consultation, most patients are left on their own: with only a prescription for home care, they do not know where to turn to, to find a professional who can support them. They call in vain for nurses, most of whom cannot provide the required type of care.

Although the French population aged 60 and over is constantly rising, home care is a real problem. Staying at home as long as possible is the wish of 83% of the French population, according to the “Domicile et Citoyen” (“Home and Citizen”) survey conducted by the CSA survey institute in May 2016. What’s more, these developments are now possible thanks to the development of digital technology that promotes communication between patients and their families.

In addition to patients, digital technology is transforming the work habits of home care service providers. Tools already exist to support professionals in their daily visits, to monitor patient health status and to automatically transfer the results to all medical professionals concerned. Digital technology is therefore intended to facilitate relationships between patients and healthcare professionals, as well as the relationship between the professionals themselves.

With the arrival of new entities such as libheros, it is now possible for individuals to easily find a home care health professional that matches their availability and the care they require.

This type of connection service is also intended for healthcare professionals, by discharging phone calls, to enable them to focus on the most important thing: care. It also brings them together on dedicated social networks such as the professional social network, or at events.

Another step further towards easy and effective support for vulnerable people living at home!

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