Otono-me innovative remote assistance: the solution for vulnerable or elderly people living at home

The French population is continuing to age. INSEE (the National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies) revealed that by 2050, one person in three will be over 60 [1]. The people who will reach the age of 60 by 2050 are all already born. Longer life expectancies will only continue to increase in the years to come.

The existing solution for providing safety for elderly people at home is remote assistance with a call button. It means that they will receive assistance if they suffer a fall or are taken ill, for example. Unfortunately, elderly people sometimes refuse to wear their call button or don’t activate it in the event of an accident.

Otono-me, the innovative remote assistance that finally offers a real answer for elderly people who are losing their independence

teleassistance innovante otono-meIn order to alleviate the effects of an ageing population and meet the needs of families, Telegrafik has developed Otono-me enriched remote assistance.

Otono-me enriched remote assistance for:

  • People who refuse to wear their call button
    The person carries on with life as usual and will be protected in case of problems even if they are not wearing their call button. Home detectors take over by sending an alert to the assistance platform, available 24/7.
  • People with cognitive disorders
    A person with cognitive disorders or who is starting to develop Alzheimer’s disease will often forget to wear their call button or even to use it if they suffer a fall or are taken ill. In both of these cases, the detectors will take over to alert the emergency services.
  • People who want complete safety for their relative
    Family carers often want to be reassured on a daily basis about the safety of their relative at home. Otono-me enables a double sending of alerts (button and sensors) and informs families about an onset of frailness thanks to the application’s information.
  • People coming back from hospital
    The Otono-me service supports the elderly to reclaim their homes and enables them to regain their independence little by little.
  • Disabled people
    Otono-me can provide safety adapted to certain disabilities.


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