Press release : Telegrafik technological partner for the implementation of Territorial Resource Centres for Elderly (CRT)

To date, Telegrafik has equipped 25 territories with its platform of innovative solutions throughout France and assists its clients in setting up the technological component of the CRT.

Multiple calls for projects have been launched throughout France in order to set up Territorial Resource Centres for Elderly (CRT). The aim is to create a resource structure to coordinate the various health actors in a given territory in order to facilitate the implementation of home care for the elderly.

The second component of the CRT offers a reinforced home support system including innovative connected solutions, when traditional home care is no longer sufficient.

It is in this context that Telegrafik positions itself alongside the CRTs as a technological partner for all the security, prevention, information and coordination systems, in support of human action.

As a unique platform for all the innovative connected solutions essential to good ageing, and as a pioneer in its market, Telegrafik provides intelligent, predictive and all-in-one solutions.

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