The OMERIS Network equips its nursing homes with the Auxivia connected glass to monitor the hydration of its residents

The OMERIS Network (69) offers individualized accompaniment to the elderly and is committed to the search for well-being in France and Switzerland. This group, a player in the medico-social sector, accompanies the elderly in their life in Nursing and care homes, helps, advises and accompanies seniors at home.

According to Sylviane Paravy, Director of Hotel, Restaurant and Purchasing, “The OMERIS network is very much in favour of innovation when it brings real added value to the support of senior citizens. The innovation must also be of an interest to the teams:

for example, reducing stress and fatigue and helping caregivers provide better support to seniors. We are very attentive to the innovations that arrive on the Silver Economy market. We carry out a lot of tests in pilot nursing homes and at home. The OMERIS Network has chosen to equip itself with the Auxivia connected glass because it has a real added value for the care of seniors in residence.”

“In June 2018, we equipped the EHPAD “Les 9 soleils”, based in Clermont-Ferrand, with the prototype of the connected glass developed by AUXIVIA,” says Sylviane Paravy, “This test stage allowed us to make many improvements to this innovation thanks to feedback from professionals. From resistance to operability: ergonomics, adapted grip, accessories, double handle, pouring spout… everything has been thought of for the elderly person and the carers.”

Thanks to AUXIVIA’s listening and the participation of professionals, the glass is now very reliable and the innovation is finalized.

Sylviane Paravy adds that “in elderly care, hydration is particularly important due to physiological aging which prevents the body from retaining water efficiently. In addition, the kidneys function less well and most treatments accentuate this situation. The sensation of thirst decreases with age, so this poses a real risk to the elderly. This is why the Auxivia glass stimulates and reminds the elderly person to drink, via a light signal.” In addition, this feature can reduce the stress of caregivers and lighten their workload. The Auxivia connected glass also offers reliable tracking of the volume of drink consumed. If it is too low, caregivers are alerted.

AUXIVIA is the only solution to offer this type of tracking today. The connected glass is patented and unique.

The aim is to anticipate dehydration in order to improve the quality of life of residents and avoid hospitalisation. Hydration is essential for the elderly to keep their physical and cognitive capacities. That’s why caregivers assign smart glass to residents who need it for one-time or long-term monitoring. The solution can also have a preventive role, and is also used for entry assessments to find out the water habits of each new resident.

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