An innovative solution that promotes support within the home for vulnerable people, ensuring their complete safety

Sophia Antipolis based company, Allovie, and its partner Telegrafik are launching Allovie Otono-me, which aims to reinforce the autonomy of ageing persons in the home. This new remote assistance solution, based on motion detectors installed in the home, allows for increased safety of vulnerable people who live alone, while also keeping them in touch with their loved ones.

Allovie Otono-me brings together the expertise from two areas: remote assistance and data analysis

Allovie specialises in remote assistance all over France and, for over ten years, has been a supplier of a solution, which includes a watch and a pendant allowing the detection of a variety of dangerous situations at an ageing person’s home, triggering an alarm if needed. The person is put in touch with an operator 24/7 should they suffer a dizzy spell, an accident, a fall, or simply because they need to talk to someone or be reassured.

Telegrafik, on the other hand, is an innovative enterprise that provides online activity monitoring services for families, who have a loved one living at home alone. “Our artificial intelligence can detect the moments when a vulnerable, ageing, or impaired person is in need of additional assistance.“ explains Carole Zisa-Garat, founder of Telegrafik.

Thanks to this new partnership, the  Allovie Otono-me service will be completing the Allovie remote assistance systems range to improve home living conditions, and reassure families.

Allovie and Telegrafik are convinced that remote assistance is a viable alternative, which allows seniors to remain in their home for as long as possible.

Allovie Otono-me service operation

The Allovie Otono-me service is based on discrete detectors, which are installed in the elderly person’s home. These detectors allow the person’s daily routines to be recorded and analysed, which then allows unusual activity to be detected. In this event, alerts are automatically generated at Allovie’s help desk, which operates 24/7. See an illustrated description of the service here

This solution increases the elderly person’s safety because an alert is triggered automatically, without the need for the SOS button to be pressed on the person’s pendant or watch. Allovie Otono-me can also be employed for people who have cognitive difficulties, such as those suffering from Alzheimer’s, who have little or no ability to voluntarily press the SOS button if a problem arises.

For helpers or loved ones, the dedicated Allovie Otono-me app brings a range of information on the elderly person’s pace of life (wake up time, time spent in each room, absence from home, personalised notifications linked to the elderly person’s habits, etc…).

This all-in-1 Allovie Otono-me solution is available now by monthly subscription.

Allovie is a recognised care service provider since 2008, which allows the recipient to benefit from a potential 50% tax credit on their income declaration.


About Allovie

A limited company (SARL) with 60000 € in capital, based at Sophia Antipolis in the maritime Alps, Allovie has made remote assistance its single core activity. Allovie is listed with the departmental General Councils, the principal CLICs (Local Gerontology Information and Coordination Centres) and CCASs (Local Social Welfare Centres) in France. A recipient of the service can be put in touch with the Allovie help desk 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Over 20 operators are in contact with service recipients and their loved ones in the event of a dizzy spell, an accident, a fall, or simply because the person needs to talk or be reassured. With a wealth of experience built over many years in this field, Allovie services 7000 subscribers, testifying to their savoir-faire and competence. Their technicians are a rich resource to draw upon when it comes to resolving any issues relating to the connection or operation of the various remote assistance solutions.

Press contact: Olivier Carlin
0800 300 364

About Telegrafik

At the forefront of the Internet of Things and the Silver Economy, Telegrafik offers a range of online services for supporting vulnerable people in their homes and remote reporting of patients.
Telegrafik has been awarded numerous distinctions since its inception in 2013. It was a laureate in BPI France’s Digital Innovation Competition in 2017.
Following the raising of over a million Euros in funding in January 2017, the company was able to launch a white label remote assistance solution called Otono-me.
Company news:
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Press contacts: Anne-Cécile André / Déborah Parès
TELEGRAFIK – 06 64 38 49


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