The project equipping 100 people with Otono-me in Aisne is a success!

In 2017, the department of Aisne funding body launched an appeal calling for projects aimed at developing preventative measures to benefit people aged 60 or over and resident in their local territory.
Telegrafik had been selected, and is now seeing a very positive outcome from the actions that were undertaken.

The innovative Otono-me remote assistance service was very widely accepted by the persons equipped with the system. They remarked on having forgotten very quickly that the sensors had been installed in their home.

Families reassured on a daily basis thanks to the Otono-me service

Caregivers appreciated being able to look after their elderly loved one from a distance.

Summary: the Otono-me service is effective in meeting the expectations of the elderly and their caregivers

At the end of the project, over 70% of test candidates wished to keep the Otono-me system and subscribe to the paid service.

The principal reasons mentioned were as follows:

– They or their caregivers felt more reassured since the service was installed.

– They are susceptible to falls and need emergency help to be available in the event of a problem, even if they are not wearing their emergency call pendant.


The Aisne project is thereby a success for Telegrafik and shows further confirming evidence for the usefulness of the Otono-me service for the elderly and their loved ones.

This brings a great satisfaction to the entire Telegrafik team, especially since the service enabled a life to be saved, as recounted by the person in question upon their return home: “It’s thanks to your thingy that I am still here, I just wanted to say thank you!”

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