Digital and other new technology helping with ageing at home

New technology will contribute more and more to home support services for elderly or vulnerable people.


Here are 3 concrete examples of what it can bring.

The example of safety

The majority of families have heard of remote assistance devices with an emergency call button to be carried on one’s person, which can be pressed for rescue in the event of a problem.

These devices can now be supplemented by sensors, installed in the casing, that enable remote monitoring of activity.

Thanks to the sensors’ data, and to artificial intelligence algorithms such as those of the Telegrafik platform, it is then possible to detect any abnormal activity even if the person has not pressed a button: a real plus for the safety of people who are not always able to call for help, and for their families, who can connect remotely with their smartphone to monitor their relative.

The example of coordination

Staff at associations and companies providing services to elderly people are well aware of the notebook system. It enables each member of staff to report their intervention at a beneficiary’s home in a notebook. It will be read by the next person intervening.

Thanks to digital technology, notebooks are becoming available online. Thus enabling families to consult them remotely and send their instructions more easily.


The example of prevention

It is sometimes difficult for families to assess their elderly relative at home. Some activity sensors installed at home can make all the difference, and provide information about any additional services needed.

Thus if a person has had sleepless nights for a while, the absence of a urinary infection or digestive problems can be checked. And a family who observe that breakfast is becoming less regular can decide to put in place someone to help their relative get out of bed and provide them every morning with a hot coffee and nutritious breakfast.


Three good examples of new possibilities that technology opens up to help with ageing!

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