Smart Home: sensor data integrated into the Telegrafik platform

smart home

The concept of the Smart Home will undergo major transformations over the coming years. Its revenue is expected to grow by 23.8% by 2020 (Source: Digital Market Outlook aggregated by Statista) and our everyday lives will change increasingly as a result. Our refrigerators, for example, will become intelligent. They will be able to tell us in real time what types of food are inside and place an order for us when we need to restock.


The Telegrafik platform specialises in the processing and analysis of data from all types of sensors, particularly in the Smart Home. Examples include security sensors (motion sensors, door opening/closing sensors, cameras, etc.), remote assistance sensors (intercom, call buttons, lighting paths, bed occupancy sensors, etc.) or medical sensors (connected glucose meter, connected oximeter, connected pill dispenser, etc.).

At Telegrafik, we test and certify our sensor supplier partners. The goal? To have relevant data so we can generate analyses that provide high value-added solutions for families and professionals.

Below, discover some of our partners who supply sensors compatible with the Telegrafik platform:


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