KINE-SIM, a balance and motor skills exercise device that incorporates entertainment technologies. It is primarily designed for rehabilitation and maintaining functional autonomy. The KINE-SIM is available to Suite Care and Rehabilitation services as well as senior residences in order to offer residents motivating exercises adapted to each person’s abilities.  

The primary objective of KINE-SIM is to improve the quality of life and the physical condition of frail or elderly people. For the past year, I’ve suffered from pain in my hip…I was always told there was nothing I could do, that it was just old age osteoarthritis […] I come regularly […] I think the exercises are good […] I’m really happy to see the machine here because it’s a plus for us, it gives us a better quality of life, it’s all there,” says Eugenie Bouchard, Resident at the Ambiance residence, Groupe Maurice, Montreal.

Entertaining and varied exercises

KINE-SIM uses simulation and virtual reality technology by incorporating a playful and interactive aspect. It is based on the simulation of real-life scenarios that users can customise according to their interests. “It helps me to stand upright […] to stand up straight, […] we can walk, we can ski […] it’s a good machine,” says Simon Descaries, a KINE-SIM user.

These scenarios are recreated by plates that faithfully reproduce the movements of each foot and are perfectly synchronised with multimedia content to ensure complete immersion.

The KINE-SIM is based on three operating modes. Firstly, users benefit from the possibility of doing physical exercises that are linked to a video of daily life. There are several possible scenarios such as boarding a gondola in Venice, walking along the Seine or Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris, snowshoeing in the snow and much more. There is also the possibility of exercising with a health professional. This mode makes it possible to confirm medical diagnoses as well as to measure the user’s developments. The KINE-SIM also offers interactive activities via video games to work on balance and posture.

Technology for everyone

The KINE-SIM is adapted to various pathologies: loss of independencememory disordersParkinson‘s disease, spinal cord injuries¹, cerebral palsy, strokes, multiple sclerosis, head trauma, musculoskeletal problems and amputees.

Indeed, this is a real innovation for the Smart Care market, which involves several types of movements. Whether multidirectional, unpredictable or rotational and much more!

In a safe and controlled environment, users reproduce daily life activities by adapting them at their own pace with the possibility of adjusting the speed, magnitude and desired level of difficulty.

With an established presence on three continents, KINE-SIM generates strong interest from users and health professionals because, as Josée Moreau, Director of care at the Residence le VÜ, Quebec, explains, People move more […] it’s a safe way to work on their balance […] strengthen their muscles..

By offering a unique experience to its users through safe and fun exercises, KINE-SIM provides them with motivation to work more on their motor skills, orthopaedics and cognitive abilities.

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