Otono-me Edao EHPAD (residential home for the elderly), the only risk situation detection solution validated by a Hospital Clinical Research Program

At the end of 2016, there were about 728,000 people in France living in EHPADs, for a total of 6,884 registered EHPADs. In addition, an EHPAD resident has an average of 2 falls/year and 50% of nocturnal falls go undetected. Finally, the longer a resident spends on the ground, the greater the “post-fall” associated pathologies and the costs to the community.

In this context, an independent assessment of great methodological reliability was carried out in the Limousin region on 550 patients for 3 years. 3 EHPADs were equipped with the solution in two parallel groups: a group of equipped patients and another unequipped group.


The functionality of the Otono-me Edao EHPAD solution relies on optical sensors installed in the rooms. When a risk situation is detected, an alert is sent to the assistance platform where the situation is visualised on screen and analysed. Once the fall is validated, the alert is sent to the caregiver’s phone. The doctor and his or her team can then put in place an appropriate and individualised care program, including preventive and curative actions at the same time.

The results of this experiment are unequivocal. Thanks to the Otono-me Edao EHPAD solution, the rate of serious falls dropped by 47.9%. Furthermore, 50% of nocturnal falls are detected thanks to the Otono-me Edao EHPAD system.

The incidence of falls complications decreased significantly from 0.32 serious falls per bed per year to 0.27.

Lastly, the system has been truly well received by patients as well as by the nursing staff.


Otono-me Edao EHPAD was able to prevent 500 serious falls from 10,000 beds. This solution is, to date, the only falls and risk situation detection solution to have been validated by a PHRC (hospital clinical research program).

Source: CNSA website

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