“Roadmap” of the Silver Economy: Key points to remember

The Silver Economy sector was relaunched on 22 October 2018 by Agnès Buzyn, French minister for Health and Solidarity.  This was when the minister entrusted France Silver Eco to redraft a roadmap of the Silver Economy for the next two years.

The aim: speed up the process and put operational plans in place to broadcast potential practical solutions for vulnerable persons and their relatives as effectively as possible.

Roadmap of the Silver Economy: Key points to remember

Keep reading to find out about the roadmap’s key points

1) The 3 cornerstones of the roadmap are to:

  • Bring all active parties together.
  • Popularise the Silver Economy.
  • Facilitate the market release of existing services, making them known to the General Public more effectively.

2) Develop the Silver Economy as innovative and caring, focusing on 3 main pillars:

  • The ability to stay in one’s home for as long as possible: by adapting housing with the use of “Home-Mobility Assessment” and the large scale roll out of innovative home solutions.
  • Build a caring environment thanks to Smarty City and the Silver City: combining seniors’ mobility, working on territory management as well as mapping out the projects undertaken in these territories.
  • Intertwine technology and humanity: promoting the mutual support of care professionals and new technologies.

3) The 6 operational objectives resulting from this are to:

  • Streamline the provision of services: organise the provision of available services by supporting Start-Ups.
  • Include all types of financiers: meet with stakeholders and private and public financiers.
  • Export the French know-how.
  • Be accessible to the consumer: by using distributors popular with the General Public (ex.: Fnac, Darty, Auchan)
  • Circulate the idea of the Silver Economy.
  • Develop activity within the Silver Economy Observatory.

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