Senior residences are accommodations for autonomous, non-disabled or semi-disabled people who are over 60 years of age. This type of accommodation is an excellent way for seniors to break the isolation by fostering social relationships while keeping their autonomy.

The staff of the residence accompany the residence’s seniors on a daily basis. Their mission: organize activities for the residents and support them when needed.

In addition to the local services on offer, it is essential that the residents are provided with a remote alarm or remote assistance. The Otono-me Résidences solution provides an optimal level of security, and strengthens ties with the staff of the residence.

Thanks to the discreet sensors installed in the resident’s apartment, activity anomalies are detected. The consequences of a potential fall are thus reduced.

The professionals of the residence have a tool with high added value to better assist residents on a daily basis, but also to intervene to prevent the loss of autonomy.

Extranet résidences

Testimonials regarding the Otono-me Résidences service:

« It reassures me to have the Otono-me service installed in my home. It protects me even if I don’t press my panic button. »
Paulette, 93 years old, equipped with the Otono-me Résidences service for 6 months.

« I present the Otono-me service to all my residents who live alone. It reassures me that they have it at home to protect them. »
Sylvie, 43 years old, residence manager.

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