Why Telegrafik lets you focus on your job: supporting your elderly patients or residents

When we come to set up a smart solution in a residence for senior citizens or a nursing home, we often say to you: “Focus on your job, we’ll take care of the technical side of things”.


Because we are committed to offering you Telegrafik’s comprehensive service. An appointed representative, an involved team, and most importantly, fully functioning devices for fall detection or preventing loss of autonomy.
From installation to commissioning, we set up everything you need for a service of the highest quality. Then, day and night, we ensure your solution continues to work: you receive alerts when a resident is struggling or needs to be seen by a doctor, and your data is recorded and analysed. We provide you with customer service and ensure your solution receives regular maintenance. In addition, we update your installation if your needs change.

Not sure what type of solution you need for your facility?

We work with you to meet your needs: geolocation, night-time helpline operators, bed sensors for those with severely reduced autonomy, monitoring of vital signs, interfacing with your care software, actigraphy needs, the wish to have an intercom in apartments, installation as renovation or as part of a new construction, or interfacing with the patient call system? There are many possibilities and we help you make the choice that is right for you.  Then we make it happen.

Because your time is precious.

Because we are experts in Smart Care.

Enthusiastic, involved, and at the service of your residents or patients, as well as your care and support staff.

Would you like a personalised offer? Arrange a meeting with us: here.

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