What does it mean to age well at home?

This is a vast subject, and we are not attempting to treat it exhaustively in this article.

However, in the course of our projects and contact with different players of the senior citizen industry, we have identified and listed a number of key points, which we wanted to share in this article.

Telegrafik, a company specialising in innovative connected services, is helping to reduce the loss of autonomy and allow elderly people to live well for at home for as long as possible.



To do this, the Telegrafik team and its partners work together to:

  • Enable the elderly person to live more safely at home.
  • Ensure his/her comfort.
  • Help him/her to observe general recommendations to stay fit and independent: maintain a good level of physical activity and a social life, eat well, stay hydrated, sleep well and follow treatments, including taking medication.
  • Conscientiously coordinate the various local services from which the elderly person can benefit, such as home delivered meals and groceries, and care at home.
  • Effectively communicate information between professional and family carers, and between healthcare and medico-social professionals.
  • Promote the elderly person’s well-being and self-esteem.

Ideally, all of this combines to result in ageing well at home.


An elderly person’s motivation is obviously a key element. He/she must be surrounded and supported. This role can be played by various different people, such as neighbours, family members and friends. But equally this can include professionals and organisations providing services to individuals, local services (for small DIY jobs, for example) or medical and para-medical personnel. Lastly, we can also count on the authorities and those who provide funding for the healthcare system and the elderly.

In this context, Telegrafik’s innovative connected services and data analysis technologies provide valuable support for the elderly person and his/her carers, by coordinating all the services and players involved, and making them consistent and complementary.

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